Friday, June 10, 2011

Toshiba Laptops Disassembly Manuals

The following laptop step-by-step disassembly manuals I have created myself. You can use them if you have a Toshiba laptop and want to repair or upgrade it yourself. You shouldn’t disassemble your laptop if you have no experience with computers because you can easily damage it. Also, you shouldn’t open it if the laptop is still under warranty. I’m still developing new laptop teardown guides and my goal is to add new guides every week. If you do not see a manual for your model, most likely I will add it later. Stay tuned.

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Toshiba Satellite disassembly guides and manuals:
Toshiba Tecra series disassembly guides and manuals:
Toshiba Portege series disassembly guides and manuals:
Toshiba Qosmio disassembly guides:
I’m still working on creating new disassembly guides. For more information please visit my Toshiba laptop disassembly site.

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  1. We have made some tear down videos as well. Check out the following and let me know what you think?